5 Ways to Stock Your Classroom Library

If you want to stock your classroom library with a wide range of books, there are many ways to do so. One of the fastest and easiest ways to build your library is to buy books through the Scholastic book club. This membership allows you to stock up on books for just $1. Added to this, you also earn points for each purchase, which you can use to get more books for free.
When building your classroom library, remember to take your students’ reading levels into account. If you have reluctant readers, be sure to include some titles that will capture their interest. It is also best to organize your collection alphabetically so that students can easily find the books they need and avoid the hassle of cleaning up after each class. In addition, you should consider dividing the library into smaller rooms based on subject matter.
Another good way to stock your classroom library is to solicit donations of used books. Many people would be happy to give you a few used books, and some would even send you new titles. Alternatively, you can ask for funds from your department for purchasing new books. Many departments have money allocated for classroom materials, and even a small amount can buy one or two new titles a year.
Besides collecting used books, you can also look for used books for sale online. There are several popular sites that offer used books at discounted prices. The Book Bank is one such website where teachers can search for books and other items. The website will provide a list of the books available at a discounted or free price.
Another great source of used books is garage sales. People who have outgrown children’s books often sell them for a cheap price at garage sales. Keep in mind that prices will vary a lot, but you may be lucky and find a real bargain. You can also check out Goodwill or children’s consignment stores.
A setting up a classroom library is a work in progress, so it is important to continue to replenish and update the collection. It is important to include a variety of books from various genres. By doing this, you will help students develop a love of reading by letting them discover many different authors and characters.
A great way to manage your classroom library is to get classroom library apps. These apps are available for both iOS and Android devices, and can help you keep track of your book collection from anywhere. They even help you keep a personal library on your phone. These apps are great for teachers because they let you carry your library around with you.